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Dunmunkle Sumpoilers Historic Engines Museum

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It is a rare sight to see a collection of massive Ruston-Hornsby engines, known as Dunmunkle Sumpoilers, in one place.
These wonderfully preserved engines, all shiny and in perfect working order still exist thanks to their private owners who collaboratively come together to share them with the public.

Housed in the historic Wimmera Inland Freezing Works buildings at the East end of Murtoa and impressive in size, each weighing up to twenty tonnes or so, the Dunmunkle Sumpoilers were originally used to generate power for the factory’s refrigeration operations back in 1911.

Watching them run is a truly unforgettable experience and a real priviledge as the Sumpoilers are only shown in action during Murtoa’s Big Weekend, held at the start of October each year.

The Dunmunkle Sumpoilers are not available for casual viewing. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Daily 10am – 2pm
Please note that opening hours of this venue may be impacted by Victorian government COVID19 restrictions
Dunmunkle U3A An organisation for retired or semi-retired persons over 50 who wish to keep their minds and bodies active. Live, learn, enjoy! Our purpose is to provide classes and activities for mature age persons who wish to develop knowledge and skills. Our aim is to operate as a co-operative to offer learning opportunities and promote healthy ageing in a friendly and enjoyable environment. The Dunmunkle U3A is part of the Victorian U3A network and offers: non-competitive learning with no qualifications and no exams exploration of new fields and ideas, social, creative or recreational activities; the inaugural meeting of Dunmunkle U3A was held in March where an interim committee was formed to explore and decide upon appealing programs and suitable venues.There is now a full and interesting program scheduled for Minyip, Murtoa and Rupanyup; the programs on offer cater for a wide range of interests including craft, photography, gardening genealogy and Chinese Cooking. A key feature of the program is flexibility. Participants will be able to attend classes at any of the three venues and take part in as many classes as they wish. The Dunmunkle U3A website invites anyone who is over 50 to come and ‘Live, Learn and Enjoy’ and where programs for all three venues can be viewed. Classes will also be advertised in the Murtoa and District Advertiser. Dunmunkle U3A PO Box 26, Murtoa 03 5385 2785 Dunmunkle U